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Ace@Work Student Care Excursion to Science Centre Singapore

After-school Student Care Service

Student Care

Programme and Schedule

With the aim of complementing learning in school and building social & emotionally strong young adults, we are proud to introduce our very own student care programme.

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Programme Schedule

Our Programme Schedule is designed to provide comprehensive support and care for students, ensuring their well-being and academic success. The programme offers a variety of activities and services to cater to the diverse needs of students. While the specific schedule may vary depending on the school, here is a general rundown of what a typical day in our student care entails:

Ace@Work Student Care Programme

Our Programme

Our student care programme is student-centred and focused on the individual needs, interests, and abilities of every student. We offer a safe and supervised environment for students after school hours.. It ensures that students have a conducive place to study, do homework, and engage in various mental and physical-wellbeing activities.

These approaches and practices are aim to create a nurturing and stimulating environment, promoting their overall development and preparing them for future learning.

Programme Schedule
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