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Our Curriculum

All Encompassing Curriculum Featuring Right Brain Development Techniques

An Integrated Approach

What You Need To Know

Guided by a team of leading education specialists, our curriculum extends comprehensively across 6 main domains.


It is adapted from the Chinese’s Five Ways of Life, with an additional element of 探 (Discovery of the World), an essential skill to help our students gain a competitive edge in their learning journey in Singapore.

The 6 domains are:

德 – Character Development

智 – Academic Intelligence

體 – Physical Development

群 – Emotional Support and Development

美 – Music and Art

探 – Discovery of the World

It is fully aligned with MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners Framework.

In-House Speech & Drama

Led by our in-house Speech and Drama Specialist, children will have opportunities to hone their oral communication skills through songs, rhymes, poems and drama activities.

Strong competency in communication skills is essential in today's globalised world. Weekly Speech & Drama classes are conducted as part of Ace @ Work's curriculum to build children's literacy skills, socio-emotional development and critical thinking skills. 


Activities include:

  • Games

  • Poetry

  • Songs

  • Role-play

  • Drama performances

  • Theatre


Table Tennis Classes

Table tennis lessons are conducted weekly for N1 to K2 children within the centre's compounds.

Preschool age is the golden window to cultivate an interest in sports and strengthen your child's gross motor skills. Taking part in a sport helps children develop sportsmanship and discipline. Our in-house coach provides weekly 1-hour trainings to children within the centre's compounds.

Children will master table tennis basics like learning to hold the bat, rules of the sport and simple table tennis strokes such as:


  • Shakehand grip

  • Penhold grip

  • Bounce the ball on the spot and moving

  • Foothold concept

  • Ready position

  • Backhand and forehand concept

  • and more...

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