Student Care Programme

On top of taking care of students' physical needs, our programme also provides ample opportunities for students to build on their social-emotional skills, academic competency, physical health and character development.

Lunch &

Tea Break

Nutritious, well-balanced and Halal meals are freshly prepared in our central kitchen every morning. Vegetarian lunch is also available on request. All meals are HPB Endorsed and aligned with Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s healthy eating guidelines. 

Guided Study Time

An effective one-hour daily session which aims to complement children's learning in school by providing supervised study time for homework completion and self-revision. Subjects include English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science and Spelling.

Character Development

A Character Development Programme anchored on each school’s core values. Activities are planned around the values, reinforcing a positive habitual behaviour in and out of the classroom.

Outdoor Activites

A physical development programme aligned with MOE’s “Healthy Origins and Firm Foundations Programme”. It involves a great variety of structured and unstructured outdoor activities to build character and sportsmanship through reinforcing school values.


Excursions to educational venues are conducted during school holidays to reinforce children’s classroom learning and help them apply the skills they have been taught in school. Parents may also be invited to accompany students on these excursions.



Shower facilities including hot water are available for students.



All classrooms and their surroundings are fully equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of our children at all times.

Art Class
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