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Student Care Programme


Ace Study: Empowering Students towards Self-Directed Learning

We create a student-centred learning environment which focuses on the interests and needs of students.


Students are equipped with study skills and techniques which promote learner independence and instil a love for learning

Character Development

Our Character Development Programme exposes students to rich learning experiences which help them reflect on the choices that they make. It aims to develop students with a strong foundation in essential values for lifelong learning.


It involves the teaching of school values, social-emotional competencies and the ability to make good choices and internalise them. The Ace @ Work student is identified with positive behaviours and attitudes towards the ways of life, stress management and eco-stewardship.

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Outdoor Programme

"Play is the work of the child" - Maria Montessori


Our Outdoor Programme develops children in all areas. In addition to building their gross and fine motor skills, children also learn to communicate, interact and build relationships with others.


The Outdoor Programme incorporates a huge variety of planned, structured sports and games which allow children to forge friendships and build character values while having fun in the process.


This programme is aligned with MOE's "Healthy Origins and Firm Foundations Programme"

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Enrichment Programme

Our Enrichment Programme provides a range of enrichment activities in 5 areas, Current Affairs, Speech & Drama, Music & Movement, Cookery, Art @ Craft. It aims to equip children with 21st century skills and competencies, nurture Eco-Stewardship and strengthen mental-wellbeing for the holistic development of children.

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During June and December holidays, at least one guided excursion is provided to places of educational interest in Singapore, such as Science Centre Singapore, Qian Hu Fish Farm, Singapore Zoological Gardens etc.

Lunch & Tea Break

Freshly Prepared Every Morning

Ace @ Work delivers nutritious and well-balanced meals to our student care students everyday. Our meals are Halal and freshly prepared every morning in our very own central kitchen. Vegetarian lunch is also available on request.

HPB Endorsed Healthy and Well-Balanced Meals

Meals are aligned with Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s healthy eating guidelines. 


Here are the key features of our lunch meals:

  • Low in fat, sugar and salt

  • Brown rice is the preferred source of carbohydrates

  • Fresh cut fruits are served as desserts every day

  • All food is braised, steamed or baked, there is no deep-fried food items in the menu

  • All meals are well-balanced and nutritious, incorporating the four main food groups – brown rice, whole meal bread, meat, vegetables and fruit


Through education and the provision of healthy meals, we hope to champion healthy eating and inculcate the habit of eating a balanced diet among children.

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Character Develoment
Outdoor Prgramme
Enrichment Programme
Lunch & Tea Break
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