Programme Highlights

Healthy Meals | Caring Capabilities | Enrichment


Healthy and

Halal Certified Meals

Freshly Prepared Every Morning

Ace @ Work delivers nutritious and well-balanced meals to our student care students everyday. Our meals are Halal and freshly prepared every morning in our very own central kitchen. Vegetarian lunch is also available on request.

HPB Endorsed Healthy and Well-Balanced Meals

Meals are aligned with Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s healthy eating guidelines. 


Here are the key features of our lunch meals:

  • Low in fat, sugar and salt

  • Brown rice is the preferred source of carbohydrates

  • Fresh cut fruits are served as desserts every day

  • All food is braised, steamed or baked, there is no deep-fried food items in the menu

  • All meals are well-balanced and nutritious, incorporating the four main food groups – brown rice, whole meal bread, meat, vegetables and fruit


Through education and the provision of healthy meals, we hope to champion healthy eating and inculcate the habit of eating a balanced diet among children.

Caring Capabilities

Guided Study Time, Showering Facilities, Surveillance


All student care students will be guided by the student care teacher to complete their school homework.

Hot shower facilities are provided for the students to take showers.

All classrooms and their surroundings are fully equipped with surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of our children at any point in time.

Excursions, Games Day,

Outdoor Activities

"Play is the work of the child" - Maria Montessori



During June and December holidays, at least one guided excursion is provided to places of educational interest in Singapore, such as Qian Hu Fish Farm, Singapore Zoological Gardens etc.

Games Day

Games Day is a day where our students are rewarded with a day of fun and enriching sports activities. Students are split into groups to compete in team sports. This event brings students and teachers closer together, making their after school care experience more enjoyable.


Students will enjoy a one hour of Outdoor activities at least 2 to 3 times a week. They will get the chance to engage in different types of games and sports. This gives students a chance to exercise and play with their bodies and hearts, boosting immunity and becoming more healthy.

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